Undertaking Large Complicated Engineering of Membrane Switch

Membrane Keypad and Switch Manufacturer-MEIBORUI    new    Undertaking Large Complicated Engineering of Membrane Switch

We are Meiborui (Xianghe) Electronic Information Technology Co., Ltd., which was established in 1990 with a history of over 27 years. We mainly engaged in manufacturing membrane switches and membrane panels. It is a homegrown manufacturing company that owns two floor-standing factories in China and is now planning site selection and preparation work of the third plant, and the purchasing of equipment have been put in place.

There are hundreds of companies in Chinese membrane switches manufacturer , but the real membrane switch manufacturing center is not so easy to find even in China. Our business has grown for 27 years, with almost no advertising in the last decade, it is derived from strong comprehensive strength. Now that we have thousands of users, we have dealt with a wide range of customers and also manufacture a wide variety of membrane switches. In China, we manufacture the most types of membrane switches.

In recent years, we have devoted our energies to the manufacturers of membrane switch. We have made a breakthrough in the membrane switch manufacturing and R&D the technology of membrane switch, upgrading as well as in the manufacture of high-end membrane switch. FPC membrane switch, LED membrane switch, and membrane switch with backplate have become our main products. Backlight Membrane Switch, crystal drop gum technology membrane switch, touch Screen Membrane Switch, LCD display membrane switch, glass cover, membrane switch integration, these technologies we have already begun mass production. And all of them gradually become the flagship product.

We can do the difficult membrane switch products, can do what other companies can't do or work hard to do. But we are even more powerful is the complex system engineering membrane switch, which is our interpretation of China's membrane switch manufacturing core competitiveness. Now if you have a new product, you do not know what you plan to do, you can find us. We can provide various solutions for you in the early stage, and our technical department, in accordance with the final design requirements, repeated times to you proofing, and some even hit a dozen times, until you are satisfied, and now we do that, more than one or two. Because we have our own precision machining centers and experienced technical staff, and many other parts of the outsourcing need to be completed, so that virtually increase the processing costs. These costs are potentially saved because we are all self-sufficient processing. All we have to do is to save these saved costs to our customers.

We are proud to say that one percent of enterprises that have such a strength in China are not necessarily going to be there, so as long as customers find us, the customer is more cost-effective. General tooling fee, setup fee will be particularly high to other companies, especially when pre-trial samples. We can not charge or charge less for these fees, as long as we can establish relationship, build confidence, and a really help to you. What we care about is long-term cooperation, and put aside how much a product can earn.

It can be bluntly that we not only do membrane switch, but we do membrane switch project. We not only process membrane switch, but also complete many of supporting membrane switches at the same time. All of your supporting membrane switch we can basically completed, or have a relatively complete supplier. You just finished the membrane switch in our processing, the rest of the supporting we can help you complete, into your hand is a complete membrane switch assembly. Including the membrane switch, support back panel, touch screen, LCD display, including the backplate above the screw, tapping, stud and other processes. This eliminates the need for you to complete a project that needs to be found elsewhere in China. If you also have such a project, please contact us.

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