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          At the end of December 2017,Our company proposes employees to watch TV documentaries“Millennium Bodhi Road”.The mention of the Millennium Bodhi Road stems from the admiration of Mr. Zhao Puchu.The late former Buddhist Association Chairman Zhao Puchu wrote this way.The development of human culture is a continuous process. Traditional culture and modern culture cannot be completely cut off. We must learn from all the valuable essences of traditional culture to enrich the development of a socialist new national culture.Chinese traditional culture also includes Buddhist culture.In order to deepen our impressions,we proposed the person who watch for the first time can look at the first episode,but need to look at ten times.After the initiative was launched,the employees responded positively,Many people used their spare time to watch it seriously and sent video screenshots to the WeChat group for sharing.This work is in progress,Employees watch while their rewards are in sync.Follow the 20 yuan reward.This activity has aroused the extensive enthusiasm and active support of the staff.And many employees have been rewarded accordingly.We aim to arouse the enthusiasm of our employees through this activity and at the same time be able to pay attention to China's traditional culture.

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          At Beginning of October 2017,The company required all high-level and low-level leaders to watch the large-scale television series “Long March” and “Yan'an Song” on Mao Zedong’s long-term development process.

          By watching these TV dramas, we can learn from the experience and lessons of some old party and national leaders in the use of talents and conduct of people.This activity lasted for one month,And all use spare time.All the leaders and some employees who watched have made positive responses to the WeChat group after watching it.After the event is over,The company had made financial rewards to all the leaders and employees who had watched these two series.The cumulative amount of 1,000 yuan.our leaders and employees also had many invisible and visible changes at the same time.

          In March 2018,our company review Chairman Mao Zedong's old three “serve for the people,” “in memory of Bethune,” and “Old Man Yu Gong and the Mountains” to regain the glorious traditions of the older generation and inherit and carry forward these fine revolutionary traditions.

          The company required all employees including cadres to read and recite these three articles.Also profoundly understand the implications and apply it to practice.The process is relatively long,Read one passage at a time, the time lasts for one month.All employees participated in the project actively . Most of the employees and leaders completed their tasks as expected. Young people basically completed their recitations, while the older ones were fully read.

During this process, Manager of all departments  organize employees to conduct collective learning in before and after work or production idle periods, to deepen their understanding and understanding of the articles and set off an upsurge of learning throughout.

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