Since last year, Meiborui has invested a lot of manpower

Membrane Keypad and Switch Manufacturer-MEIBORUI    new    Since last year, Meiborui has invested a lot of manpower

Since last year, Meiborui has invested a lot of manpower, material resources and financial resources to open up a new journey of international business. It has been launched by Global Sources, Ali International, Google, and well-known online platforms at home and abroad. The international certification of SGS has been used in the membrane switch industry. The professional team that has brewed for 28 years formally showed its skill in the international arena, whether in technology research and development, customer service, supply chain, etc., which are among the best in Chinese membrane switch industry. In fact, ten years ago, we had established in-depth cooperation with the United States, Germany, and other countries. So far we have more than 10 years of experience in cooperation. We have already experienced the test of history. Now that the time is ripe, we have taken new steps and new steps. We use today's Internet to show us to the international community, share it with the world, connect with the world, and contribute a small amount of energy to building a community of human destiny.

It has been a period of time since we opening new journey. During this period of time, we have also achieved great success and achieved remarkable results. There have been many countries with customers who have establised in-depth cooperation with us, including Turkey, Israel, and the United States. Egypt, Italy, Canada, Switzerland, Jordan, Belgium, Estonia, Portugal, Russia, Iraq, Algeria, France, India, Mexico, Sri Lanka, New Zealand, etc. We are currently striving to be the company that has the strongest ability to win order in Alibaba's global network. Our team will be proud of that.

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We have two factories in China . Nowadays, many famous European enterprises are working with us. If you are searching for a reliable and successful membrane switch manufacturer in China, we are the best choice which with the best quality, the lowest price and state of the art technology. You are welcome to buy directly from us and cut out the middlemen.

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