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MEIBORUI has been a golden member of Alibaba Trade Pass for more than 15 years which is the first company in the same industry. Early in 2003, MEMBRANE passed the international ISO 9001 certifications and we have been a member of it till now. We have built our processing foundation in Xianghe County, Hebei Province and Huizhou City of Guangdong Province. Furthermore, we have our individual counter in Saige Electronic Market which is the biggest market in Asia. Recently we get the high reputation and the certificate of Small and Medium High-tech Company of Hebei Province was awarded by the Science and Technology Office of Hebei Province. 

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We have two factories in China . Nowadays, many famous European enterprises are working with us. If you are searching for a reliable and successful membrane switch manufacturer in China, we are the best choice which with the best quality, the lowest price and state of the art technology. You are welcome to buy directly from us and cut out the middlemen.