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1. In 2010, Our company introduced MIMAKI UV digital printing machine from Japan. After that, our company started making an attempt to convert traditional screen printing to digital printing, and made a breakthrough in that year. From that on, a large number of UV digital printing machine has been introduced and used.

2. UV digital printing machine is the newest type of screen-printing machine which can replace silk screening model in the world, and it is the first new generation domestic UV digital printing machine introduced to replace manual printing which need lots of manpower.

3. The printing ink for UV digital printing machine is a new type of environmental friendly quick setting ink which is Odorless and non-volatile, it is the newest environmental friendly product.

4. UV digital printing machine is controlled by computer directly, so it reduces the time of plate making and ink blending. It is not only free during production, but also greatly reduce the cost. we counted product in weeks and month previously, but now we count in day. In the future, we count in hour so that it is impossible for Urgent products.

5. UV digital printing machine can work continuously for 24 hours, and it have greatly change in production efficiency and cost.

6. UV digital printing machine is on the printed graphics, which subverts the general concept of traditional silk-screen printing. Complex graph coverage as well as gradual excessive color that cannot be finished or not made well by traditional silk-screen printing before, but now UV digital printing machine can make it out.

7. Now, we possess 4 machines, so our company become the largest number of possessing Japanese MIMAKI machines in China. Moreover, we also have many UV digital printer with different models and manufacturers. The total number is more than 13 units.

8. We have successfully produced a new UV digital printing machine which already be used in production. It's printing effect and speed are better than the same type of UV digital printing machine.

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Digital UV Printing

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