Precise Tooling Developing Center

Membrane Keypad and Switch Manufacturer-MEIBORUI    new    Precise Tooling Developing Center

1. Our workshop purchased several machines and equipment in 2012, including grinding machines, lathes, wire cutting, CNC machines and so on.

2. Can be made according to customer demand of different types of a variety of molds, such as low cost to produce faster, and moderate price, can improve product quality, as well as production cost according to customer requirements high-end mold requirements.

3. According to customer requirements for the production of different types and prices of different shape cutting mold, due to product different quality and prices, the mold can also be divided into steel and plastic mold, such as a small number of materials suitable, we can also use laser cutting.

4. Our mold workshop can also produce different shapes and materials of sheet metal processing, such as steel, aluminum, resin board, organic board, etc. And the length of aluminum, resin board and other materials up to 2 meters.

5. Our workshop can also undertake some of the customer processing, such as some special materials and some customers such as the drilling of the shell business.

6. Machining mold more precise size control, the tolerance can be controlled between 0-0.2 mm, the tolerance of strict required products can be controlled between 0-0.1 mm.

7. We can also assemble countersunk head screws on the liner, normal installation and distribution tapping process installation, and dispensing installation can also be installed in the liner PCB components.

8. Aluminum backplate can be oxidized white and black oxide treatment.

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