the belief(way) of be a man, the belief of (way) business

Membrane Keypad and Switch Manufacturer-MEIBORUI    new    the belief(way) of be a man, the belief of (way) business

Confucius, an ancient Chinese sage, says that “just as you would like to establish yourself in the world, so allow others to establish themselves”; meanwhile, Leo Burnett also holds that “what helps people, helps business”. We have been adhering to the belief of conducting ourselves with integrity firstly and benefiting other people as well as ourselves, as we grow stronger and progress together with others’ accomplishment. This how we think and how we go into action by integrating these seemingly simple ideas into our entrepreneurial culture.

Although we specialize in membrane switch and make its manufacturing and technological progress as our mission, we have been more than a manufacturer since 27 years ago as we found that self-accomplishment is not enough——actual progress in membrane switch cannot come true and entrepreneurial development will be limited if we just focus on ourselves. Only when customers reach their product objective and step to upgrade can we obtain more room to grow by exploring users’ needs. We're trying to tell our customers that we have more advanced technology to apply to the membrane switch now, keep abreast of their own products to help upgrade with more beautiful and more powerful film switch, and then they can have better sales. At present, we have such kind of customers whose annual output are multiplied by billions of dollars and membrane switch order amount double together with our own advance after we apply latest technology on their products.

In business, profit weighs greatly, but we hold that the growth value of enterprises cannot count all on the profits as no healthy business exists with sheer focus on money. In the pre-production, we have only simple idea——make the product perfect, even we make a small profit or sell at a loss. This is because we always remember and follow the golden rules of conduct which is exactly how we run our business. We definitely don’t damage our customers for even a small profit. Make the product perfect.

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