Transformation and upgrading

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In recent years, our company's business and production model has transformed and upgraded successfully from the simple membrane switch to complex ones integrated with other different components.

Through continuous contact with foreign customers these years, we have further understanding on overseas buyers’ needs. Many customers are looking for suppliers in China in order to reduce cost of labor and equipment. However, many of them come across some realistic problems in this attempt. For example, if they would like to get finished product, they have to reach a lot of suppliers to select and purchase many components, such as membrane switch, chassis, cable, PCB, liner, touch screen and so on, and then have them shipped back for assembly. But in this way more cost and efforts are payed, when they spend a lot of time to find a good supplier among a great many of them. Despite all this, some components may not match each other well since they come from different providers, leading to product defect.

fter years’ accumulation, we, a professional manufacturer of membrane switches with our own floor-standing factories in China, have quite a lot of suppliers who offer perfectly-matching fittings, like chassis, cable, PCB, liner, touch screen, with mutual trust after years of cooperation.  And now we have a strong network talent team, who makes any required products real even for those in that we have limited experience. As long as drawings or samples are available to us, with excellent whole-net search ability, we can find best matching domestic suppliers.

Please feel free to contact us, if you have needs in this area. As long as intent of the product you need or your detailed drawings and samples can be offered, in addition to a qualified membrane switch, we also help to find accessories such as chassis, cables, PCBs, liners, touch screens and assemble well, and meanwhile provide you with an intensive program to facilitate product collection before your delivery date.

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We have two factories in China . Nowadays, many famous European enterprises are working with us. If you are searching for a reliable and successful membrane switch manufacturer in China, we are the best choice which with the best quality, the lowest price and state of the art technology. You are welcome to buy directly from us and cut out the middlemen.